Why Expats’ Kids Must Be In An International School Bangkok

Bangkok is one of Asia’s most visited country and where most expats want to reside. If they are coming with young children, they need to find an international school Bangkok for their schooling. They need to find a competent and qualified international school for the comfort and convenience of their students.

As there are so many expatriates working in Bangkok, the city has provided them a wide variety of international schools most suited for their kids. Usually, these schools are coed institutions patterned from the curriculum of American or British public-school system. Whatever suits your needs, there is an international school Bangkok with the right educational system and experienced teachers coming from other countries.

So, here’s what to find in the city of Bangkok, based on:


Although there are so many international schools in Bangkok, the criteria on why classify it as international is sometimes unclear. In 2006, the International School Association of Thailand came up with around 75-member schools. The widely accredited criteria to be recognised as an International School category include the following:

  • It uses the American, British, Australian, German or Swiss curriculum.
  • The international school Bangkok is recognised by foreign accredited bodies.
  • Most of the international schoolsmust have foreign students, probably kids of embassy officials, foreign missionaries and foreign businessmen.
  • They have foreign teachers coming from other countries.


The curricula must be in American, British, Australian, Swiss/German or French. It can also be based on a specific sect like Catholic or Protestant. Some boarding schools serve Christian or Catholic students.

For international boarding schools, they can offer board and bed for residing students. The British international schools in Bangkok was founded due to the historical ties between the royal families of Britain and Thailand. About 15 of them are found in Bangkok. For the American international schools in Bangkok, they have been approved by the US accreditation organisation and the Royal Thai Ministry of Education. There are about 10 of them in the city. For Christian International schools, they teach Christian principles, and can both be Protestant or Catholic.8 schools teach students as such.


The tuition fees of the international school Bangkok can vary from 2000 baht up till 700,000 baht.

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