Why A Thailand Liveaboard To Go Scuba Diving

Thailand is a great destination for those who want to scuba dive while enjoying a relaxing vacation. People who go for a Thailand liveaboard are assured great weather conditions and the crystal clear and calm seawaters. They are also assured that warm and friendly Thai people will take good care of them. They are served with savouryand luscious Thai cuisines that have been much talked about.

Thailand is also famed for its diving education starting from beginners to professional divers. Over the years, their reputation has grown enough to handle the best people who prefer to dive. For those who have just been awarded the Open Water Course, they usually gather into the warm water shores to try out their world-class diving lessons.

Like for instance, they can dive in Phuket, a diving spotdown the south of Thailand. They can also go to other amazing dive sites like the KohLanta and Koh Phi Phi. There’s also a dive spot in the Similan and Surin Islands, which is Richelieu Rock and KohTachai. These are dive spots available for anyone, be it a new diver or a professional one who have dived few or several times.

On the seaports of Phuket and ThapLamu are different options of Thailand liveaboard, where it takes you to many dive spots in the country. To explain briefly, a liveaboard is a kind of boat where you can spend a short time for diving. On this dive boat is your chance to see the blue warm waters of Phuket. Once in the middle of the Andaman Sea, you can plunge and swim amidst beautiful Manta Rays, see the unusual habits of some octopus and cuttlefish, watch Trevallies and barracudas hunt for food, while you enjoy a memorable encounter with a reef shark.

In this Thailand liveaboard, all you ever do isto wake up, eat, sleep and dive. You have all the chance of diving in the many diving spots of Thailand. You can even snorkel with turtles around. If you’re lucky, you can watch dolphins and whales. You can also see the remotest and most deserted islands of the country. Aside from seeing the dive spots, you also enjoy sumptuous cuisines and drinks, that are available all day long.

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