What To Look For In House And Land Packages

Today, there are still a lot of home buyers who choose to get into the market the traditional way- signing up for Perth house and land packages.

Selecting for a neighborhood for building your abode can be a very daunting task. In order to help you get started, here is a home buyer’s guide.

Choose the right estate

According to a senior development manager at Stockland, Edqrd Krushka, you need to take a look first at your lifestyle and ensure that the community where you will be living in for the next years will meet your needs. It is very important that you choose the right community for your family. You also need to be very observant and pay attention to any infrastructure nearby especially transport means like trains and shopping malls.

Estate check list

– Travel time going to family and friends and work
– The community design- there is a great landscape which incorporates infrastructures like schools and childcare
– Great shopping and transport options nearby
– There are open public places like walking trails and parks

The lot

The typical blocks start at around 300 sq m and rise up to 600 sq m. The smaller lots are usually close to more open spaces, collector roads and convenience retail stores. There is always a trade-off between the smaller and more affordable lots which are suited to first time home owners. The bigger portions are well suited for home buyers who are upgrading their homes and to those who are in need of much bigger backyard that is large enough for a family picnic place.

Another important consideration is the grading or the sloping of the lot. The flatter lands are best for volume style home builders while sloping land areas are usually required of a bespoke build, which is far more expensive.

Choose the right builder

The best way in finding the right builder for you is to visit different display homes in your favorite estate. When your family has found a house with a design that you like, it is about time to talk with the home builder. You can start by asking what is included in the final house and what is not.

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