Types Of Cremation Urns And Tips To Choose The Perfect Urn

Cremation urns are beautiful containers to store the ashes of your loved ones. It is difficult to pick the right size of urns to avoid paying more for the wrong size urns and to avoid a last minute disaster, where the ashes do not fit the urn.

Here are some simple steps to help you choose the right cremation urn for yourself or your loved ones

  1. Calculate the size of the cremation urn depending on the body weight of the person to be cremated. A handy rule to remember is that one pound of body weight requires one cubic inch of space in the urn. Buy an urn depending on the body weight of the deceased person.
  2. The budget also plays an important role in choosing the urn. Cremation urns are available in different materials, designs and models. Choose an urn that suits the tastes and beliefs of the deceased perso
  3. Urns for cremation can be bought from online stores. Some stores offer low cost urns to suit the budget requirements of clients. While buying an urn online, determine the perfect size you want and read the description of the urn before purchasing. Do not forget to read reviews and know about the returns policy of the online seller.

Types of urns

There are different types of cremation urns available to suit the preferences and tastes of the customers. Some of the commonly available urns are

  • Wooden urns – These old-fashioned urns are all time favorites. They are available in a range of shapes and sizes. Some urns carry intricate designs engraved on them while others are simple and plain without any adornments.
  • Keepsake urns – These urns allow you to keep the ashes of your loved ones close to you. These urns are tiny and small enough to fit your palm. They are the best choice when you prefer to scatter the ashes of your loved ones and retain only a small amount of ashes with you as keepsake and to distribute the ashes among loved ones.
  • Biodegradable urns for water cremation – These urns are the best choice for water cremations. These cremation urns break down easily in water and are environmentally friendly.

Apart from these, there are many types of cremation urns such as tree urns, affordable urns, baby urns, pet urns and custom-made urns. Choose an urn that suits your requirement and budget and order it well in advance so that you can have the urn before the cremation. This helps you to avoid unnecessary panic at the last minute.

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