Tips Quick, Easy And Efficient Bathroom Cleaning

Consider what happens inside the average bathroom. No need for the intimate details, just the general gist of things, and imagine what the bathroom itself must tolerate to continue being, well, a bathroom. Your marble top painted vanity unit may be swanky, but it isn’t going to stay that way if you don’t put any care and attention to it. Thankfully, most modern plumbing fixtures are specially designed for ease of cleaning as well as use, but it’s still worth getting some good advice on how to keep them sparkly and clean.

Here are tips for cleaning bathroom fixtures, from that marble top painted vanity unit, to that fiberglass shower screen and whatever else needs to be squeaky clean.

  • Sinks
    • For light soil and dirt, an all-purpose bathroom cleaner can do the job, but more intense dirt demands abrasive or soft-scrub cleaners, those designed to be easy to rinse off ceramics and china. Cleaners with bleach in their formula will not only remove toothpaste, but also sanitize surfaces. Homemade cleaners are a good choice, not just environmentally, but also economically. For the rims and edges, use a disinfecting spray or the aforementioned all-purpose bathroom cleaner. Buff them out when they are clean with a dry cleaning cloth.
  • Showers and Tubs
    • Do not put this one off. Showers and tubs have lots of nooks and crannies for mold and mildew to take root in. Start off by spraying the shower/tub area with a good helping of all-purpose bathroom cleaner, which you’ll leave while you handle something else so it can work its magic. Then the scrubbing happens. Scrub hard, scrub proper, scrub everywhere. You might even need to resort to using a toothbrush, or something, but the end result should be this: you’ve scrubbed every possible square centimeter of the space. Then the rinsing happens.
  • Showers and Glass Doors
    • Specially constructed glass doors and fiberglass screens means specially handled cleaning. A non-abrasive cleaner, such as the aforementioned all-purpose bathroom cleaner (it’s your best friend for this, admittedly), baking soda or pine oil. Anything abrasive will dull or, at worst, scratch the finish. For cloudy screens, some full-strength white vinegar or lime and scale remover will do. Just be careful handling these.
  • Toilet
    • Not the most fun activity, but hey, it’s this or the outhouse. Place some granulated or liquid cleaner into the bowl, and leave it while you handle other stuff so it can work its magic. Then get your bowl brush, one that’s not flattened or mashed and scrub. Scrub like you’ve never scrubbed before. A pumice stone is the answer to any deposits, and when the thing’s scrubbed, take the disinfectant spray cleaner or your best friend and spray. Don’t forget any standing urine from the gentlemen and the boys.

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