Tips On Writing On Your Dealership Blog

A blog is a powerful tool for getting people interested in your brand or your dealership. If you’re one of the many Aprilia UK dealers, a blog is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition. Not only that, it also helps you connect you to your customers, creating a channel of communication that, while somewhat less formal than others, is, nevertheless very useful.

Now, while there are, in fact, a lot of benefits to running a blog, some people are still intimidated about having one; writing and maintaining them. That’s understandable, as screwing up when it comes to your business is just something people don’t want.

Brainstorming ideas for you blog can be tough, sometimes, we’re willing to admit that. You need to write posts that are interesting for viewers, all while remaining relevant to vehicles and your dealerships. If you’re looking to get started on your blog, here are some ideas for you.

Post about bike care tips

There’s a reason that you see a lot of how-to blog content on the internet; they’re the one that draws in the most views. That means that they’re a great way to get your blog started, as they’re quite useful to your readers, whilst still setting you apart from the other Aprilia UK dealers you might be competing with. Explain to them why certain lights go on in their car, explain to them what they can do to deal with the issue.

Showcase vehicles regularly.

These posts can be tailored to your specific branch or individual dealership. Highlight a vehicle of choice, whether it’s a new model that’s being released, or just an older model with more affordable pricing or is going on sale. This is a good way to highlight a vehicle, letting the customers see it as something ‘special’; after all, why would you highlight it?

Show your team.

We don’t mean show their contact info, photos and names of your team members; that’s pretty much mandatory for an ‘About Us’ page. No, the point is to show a more human element of your dealership; a blog is a more informal method of advertising, so being informal and personable is something you want, to a certain extent. Share stuff like your staff’s favourite movie, or, more appropriately, their dream ride. These kinds of posts are great for social media as employees tend to share this stuff, driving traffic to your corporate site.

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