Tips On How To Monetize On Your Food Blogs

More than a decade after an amateur cook related her kitchen escapades online; there are certainly more than enough food blogs to read. However, even with the overwhelming number of food blogs online, the opportunities to monetize on food blogs have not slowed down.

The standards of food blogs have gone so high that it is often difficult to distinguish them from professional sites.

  • The first step for an amateur food blogger is to have a theme or template to showcase the work. There are many free templates online or you can buy them for a relatively small fee to allow personalization.
  • Food blogging requires high quality photographs and videos if you intend to gain a large audience that will help in a professional career as food blogger.
  • If you want to monetize on your food blog, display ads on your blogs or work with affiliate marketers who will direct readers through a link in exchange for a small commission. Once you gain a large viewership, you will start to earn money.
  • Many food bloggers seek greater rewards like a book deal. One example is Telegraph’s own Little Elsa that managed to get a book deal by blogging about food. However, this achievement is rare.
  • A more effective way to earn from food blogs is to write about a food brand in exchange for payment. Many bloggers earn an income in this manner but you have to be comfortable blogging about a certain brand.
  • It is not necessary to generate a huge volume of traffic to earn from your blogs. Focus on a specific ingredient like a vegetable for desert and brands will recognize this as an effective way to gain the attention of their target audience.
  • Love what you do and do not be reluctant to monetize on your food blogs.

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