Tips On How To Enhance Your Blog Website Design

enhance blog website design

Are you the creative kind of person able to come up with a web design Perth style for your blog site? Here are simple tips to make your blogosphere more appealing to your readers.

Keep the design simple yet eye catching

You wouldn’t want your readers to hurt their eyes as they browse through your website, right? Then don’t even think about 10 different combinations of colors, font sizes, and font styles. Differences in such are enough solely for the purpose of distinguishing your heading, subheading, and the body.

Choose your colors wisely

Psychology says colors are able to elicit feelings from people. The color green may bring images of trees, grasses, or nature in general. The color orange, on the other hand, may be closely associated to the feeling of being alive and kicking. Choosing the right colors that may give your readers a good feeling or better yet, the best feeling, is what you are supposed to aim for. Learning about good color combinations or contrasting ones should come very handy, too, in designing your website.

For certain blog elements, make sure to stick with the standards

Remember, you are not supposed to make your blog website seem like a find this object game. Make sure that the search bar and other important buttons like the subscribe button are placed on those spots where they are usually found in other blog websites. Yes, it is totally fine to check other blog websites too! It’s a must, actually, when blogging is just something new in your list of activities.

Don’t be afraid to try out new things

While it is good for people to associate you to a particular style or website environment, don’t forget that it is also good to experiment on what’s new in terms of web designs and layouts. Researching is always a good idea as to what your online readers are in search for. Of course, never forget the most important fact of all: while the website housing your blog entries is perfectly designed, your blog content’s originality, as well as how interesting and relatable it is will definitely be the most important element that a reader will be looking for.

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