Dec 31

Tips On How To Make Money From Blogging

Tips On How To Make Money From Blogging

Many people find blogging as a profitable medium. If you happen to be passionate about writing, capitalize on this passion to earn extra to augment your monthly income. There are tens of thousands of bloggers who work fulltime and they are able to make a living from a job they love to do. If you want to want to start blogging, here are some tips to help you make money.

  1. You can make money through blogging but it does take time and a lot of efforts to earn. Don’t assume that your first blog will immediately earn you a few dollars. It just doesn’t work that way. Bloggers who have made a name and fortune from their blogs are experts in the fields they are writing about.
  2. Affiliate programs are one of the ways with which you can monetize on your blogs. You can review and recommend products and services through your blogs to create a revenue stream. Join affiliate programs on products that you believe in but you need to disclose at the end of your blog that you are member of a certain affiliate program.
  3. Google Adsense is a revenue-sharing opportunity by allowing your blog to be populated by ads that are relevant to your page. You earn money every time a visitor clicks on the ads. 68% of the amount the advertiser pays per click on their ads will be your income.
  4. Chitika is a company that delivers search targeted ads. Whenever a user clicks on your site through the search engine, Chitika will deliver a targeted ad block based on the keyword/s that has been used to find your site. You have all the opportunity to earn money if you have lots of incoming traffic from search engines or if you have a product-oriented site, whether you’re selling kitchen cabinets or remodeling homes, you can quickly reach a wide range of potential customers.
  5. Amazon Affiliate Program is another medium to earn commissions. It usually starts at 4% for being an Amazon affiliate but it can go as high as 8% based on the number of products sold. Similar to the methods of earning through blogging, the more traffic to your affiliate promotions the better are the chances of converting.

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