Tips On How To Blog During The Holiday Season

Do people read blogs during the holiday season? Aren’t they too busy with holiday shopping and attending parties? For many people, the holiday season is the time to rest from blogging because there are many activities that require attention. There isn’t enough time to write a quality blog much less something that will catch the attention of shoppers who are busy browsing online shops. However, taking a brief leave of absence from blogging isn’t really a good option.
• If you know that you will busy during the holiday season, plan ahead. You must have a realistic schedule on how often you are going to post and what you are going to write about. You can write blogs in advance of the holidays or make an outline so that they basically write themselves while you are busy with holiday activities. With preparations made ahead, you will avoid being swamped.
• Knowing that you cannot give your full attention to blogging, avoid those in-depth blog posts. Post topics that are easy to put together while still engaging with the target audience. However, make sure that your blog will still meet your objectives and excite your readers. Ensure that the blog is still worthwhile for the audience to read during busy days.
• Don’t let yourself drift away during the holiday season. While it is important to know what readers say about your blogs, make sure to reign in your reading activity when there isn’t enough time. The comments of your readers can be crucial but don’t spend what extra time you have trying to find posts of your community.
• Set time for your blogging activity. Use your phone’s alarm or timer to limit the time for writing, editing, commenting and tweeting. This will make it easier to step away when something more urgent requires your time. Enjoy the holiday season and forget about your frustrations.
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