The Major Purposes Of Packaging


There has been an increased importance emphasized on self-service marketing which makes the role of packaging becoming much significant. Take for example in a typical retail store. The shopper will usually pass more than a hundred items every minute and every item will consume about tenth of a second. Thus, the only way in order to get some customers to notice your product will be through displays, shelf hangers, point-of purchase devices, and tear-off coupon blocks and most effectively through great packaging. There is a great importance when considering the packaging of a material and no wonder, there is a great deal of research which is spent on color testing, motivational research, as well as psychological manipulation. Through these studies, researchers will be able to ascertain how the majority of the consumers will react to new packaging designs. Here are some of the common uses of a great packaging:

  • Physical protection. Items which are especially enclosed in packages may require security or protection from vibration, mechanical shock, compression, electrostatic discharge and temperature.
  • Information transmission. Labels and packages alike communicate how one should use, recycle, transport or dispose the package or the product. With pharmaceutical, medical, food and chemical products, there are some types of information which are required by the government to be placed on the label. There are also some labels and packages that are used in tracking and in tracing the material.
  • Marketing. The labels and packaging of a material is definitely used by marketers in order to encourage potential buyers in purchasing their products. Package graphic design has always been important and is constantly evolving for several decades now. Marketing communications as well as graphic designs are applied on the surface of the package and also in the point of sale display.
  • Convenience. Packages can also have features which will add convenience in the handling, distribution, display, stacking, opening, use, reuse, dispensing, ease of disposal and recycling.
  • Security. The kind of packaging that you use whether that is Paper Mart bubble wrap or other kind of material is important in securing the product.

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