Tactics To Maximize Traffic For A Company Blog

After writing an interesting blog about engagement rings, you hit publish and wait for the comments and shares. However, nobody seems to be interested in your blog even if the topic is engaging. Do not be stressed because this phenomenon is quite common in company blogs. Competition is quite intense and the blog must standout to gain readers.

Tactics to increase your blog’s traffic

  1. If you are writing a company blog, do not just publish it, share it with different social media sites. Avoid the common mentality of “share once and forget” because there are many competing blogs online. You have to share the blog for multiple times for the people who missed the initial communication.
  2. If you really want to grow your audience, reach out to other bloggers in your niche particularly those that have strong following and ask them to be your contributors. If you manage to get these guys to write for the company, you will be getting blogs with exceptional content which will earn all the desired links and shares.
  3. Make sure that content is optimized for SEO with important synonyms as well as the main keyword. Search for synonyms of the target keyword and identify those with high search volume. This will help your target audience in finding your content because although the keywords are not similar, they have the same meaning.
  4. Blog content that standouts usually include case studies, results of new research and expert opinions. You can repurpose this content by transforming the blog post into different content formats like podcast, screencast, slide presentation or eBook. Create a slideshow of your blog and upload it to SlideShare to generate a different audience. Make a record of the blog and upload it to YouTube. This will add value to your content and make it easily digestible for the audience.

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