Steps in Making A Great Web Design Layout


How do you create a website that has the perfect layout and which satisfies the needs of both users and owners? Here are some great steps to consider:

  • Give it sometime and think about it and then place your thoughts on paper first. This may seem very obvious but designers often jump straight into Photoshop before they even give a thought to the problem they have in hand and are trying to solve. Web designing is mainly about solving problems and those problems cannot be resolved through shadows or gradients but can only be given solution to with a proper layout and a clear hierarchy of things. Think about the content of the website, its layout and functionality before you start to drop shadows.


  • Start making a top level framework. Most designers when given a certain task will usually come up with a level of framework first aimed at solving the design problems. The framework pertains to the UI that surrounds that content and which helps in performing actions and navigating through it. This will include components and navigation like bottom and sidebars. If you approach a design using this perspective then you will have a clear understanding of what needs to be done with your layout and when you are designing different sections beyond the homepage.


  • Add a grid to the PSD. This may seem simple. But before you start to design anything using Photoshop, you need to have a proper grid. There certainly are no valid excuses when you start without a grid and if you do not start with a grid, the design will not look any good. The grid will help you to make the layout of different sections and it will guide you through different screen size requirements and will help you create templates which are responsive. This will allow you to be consistent when it comes to spacing as well as in other design issues.


  • Choose certain topography. The general rule is that you are not to use more than two typefaces making a layout for your website. You have to explore different colors and typefaces. Try to take a look at the website Perth Web Design for further reference.

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