Simple Tricks To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

It is relatively easy to blog about motorcycles but the problem is how to attract online readers because you will be competing with thousands of other blogs using the same topic. You can write about the reasons for buying a Honda bike because of fuel efficiency and the joyful experience of owning a two-wheeled vehicle but it will not guarantee traffic.

How to improve readership for your blog

  • Traffic to your blog can easily double through social media but how about the readers who missed the initial communication? After you published the blog and shared it with different social media platforms, you can republish it again for the sake of readers who missed it the first time it was published. You can remind your followers on Tweeter that the blog still matters.
  • Working with influencers is another trick to grow your audience. Who are the influencers? They are the bloggers in your niche who have already gained a huge following because of their ability to consistently write quality and relevant stuff. Invite the influencers to be involved to gain access their powerful distribution channel.
  • For the past years, Google has been ranking synonyms in search results. For example, if an online user types Honda motorbikes on the search bar, he will also see results for Honda motorcycles or Honda bikes. While the blog that is optimized with Honda motorbikes will rank a lot better than Honda motorcycles or Honda bikes, it is still a quick win for the blogger because of the traffic generated by the synonyms.
  • It makes perfect sense to repurpose your blog; after all, you invested a lot of time and efforts. If you will repurpose the blog as a slide presentation or a podcast, it can be seen by a new audience that will generate additional traffic for your blog.

However, never overlook the fact that your blog has to influence the readers to take interest in your product. Remind them of the benefits that will be gained from riding Honda bikes and the presence of a dealer that can provide them with excellent service in addition to highly trained technicians in the servicing department.

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