The Renter’s Advantage In Hiring Professionals – How To Get The Best Value For Your Money In End Of Lease Cleaning

The most stressful thing about moving out is cleaning. Add with it the pressure of getting your bond back. Real estate agents in Melbourne can be fussy, especially in giving your bond back when you end your tenancy. The best move to have it your way is to get a professional to do it, saving you time and effort. There are a lot of credible end of lease cleaners in Melbourne with a wealth of experience.

Cleaning cost

A bond is usually equivalent to an entire month’s rent, a big chunk that can help you further with other moving expenses. Property owners will not return it unless the property is clean and ready for the next tenant. It would be better to hire professionals for this job and spend a little in order to save. Starting pay for end of lease cleaners in Melbourne is only around $15 and across the market average is $30 per hour. For packages, where several well put-together services are already included, the flat rate starts at $250.


Tenants need not worry themselves with regards to the cleaning as the sample $250 flat rate can already get a regular two bedroom property fully scrubbed. The usual package of that rate gets the property cleaned top to bottom, including the toilet, stove top and oven. This rate usually already includes windows, doors, walls, and floor. Needless to say, prices vary according to the extent of cleaning needed and the property size, but for a regular two bedroom house, this should already include carpet steam cleaning. For bigger properties, three bedrooms and up, the rate should be around $400.

Professional cleaners

While non-professionals may take a day or two to completely clean an entire house when moving out, professional cleaners can get it done in just a fraction of the time. Most people who did the cleaning by themselves thinking that they can handle it underestimated the hard work required, immediately regretting it. Professional cleaners are well trained so they do the job smarter and faster.

Follow up service

If you do not get your bond back because of a cleaning issue, most end of lease cleaning company in Melbourne would gladly go back to the property to rectify the issue, as part of the agreement, and do so with no additional pay.

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