Points To Consider Before You Select A Contract Food Manufacturer For Your Hospital

Providing tasty and nutritious food to the patients plays crucial role in their recovery process. Hospitals are always on the look out for new and innovative recipes that form part of a balanced diet to be given to the patients suffering from various conditions.

While setting up in-house cafeteria with food manufacturing facilities is one option. The better option is to engage the services of a contract food manufacturing company that specializes in catering to hospitals. This helps the hospital staff to serve nutritious and balanced food to the patients.

There are a lot of safety and health regulations for hospitals and selecting a contract food manufacturing company that follows all these regulations is a tough job. Follow these simple guidelines to narrow down your search and make the selection simple.

  1. The food manufacturer should be HACCP compliant. The company performs regular quality audits to check for the quality of Ingredients, condiments and pre- mixes used in the preparation. Of the meal. The company also should hold proper licenses issued by the NSW Food authority to be able to contract with hospitals.
  2. All the pre- cooked meals should have clear nutritional labelling and instructions for proper reheating and portion sizes, that enable the hospital staff to serve fresh and nutritious food to the patients according to the recommended dietary guidelines.
  3. The contractor should be able to supply special easy to eat meals for patients who have issues with chewing and swallowing food. They should provide meals with pureed and soft textured alternatives for these patients to have proper meal.
  4. The contractor should be able to provide high quality food consistently over long period of time. The food should be prepared by qualified chefs to increase the level of patient satisfaction.
  5. The manufacturer should use high quality and fresh ingredients to prepare the meals in simple home style method, using traditional recipes to cater to the nutritional requirements of patients.
  6. The customer service offered by the contract food manufacturing company is also very important factor to consider, before you make the decision. The company should be willing to consider your unique needs and requirements and customize their products accordingly.

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