How To Write a Great E-book


Most bloggers nowadays write e-books and give it away for free to their readers. What better way to gain more readers than giving away a free copy of your e-book?

The problem is, the readers will only want to have your e-book if your e-book is actually worth having.

People have been asking me on tips on how to create an e-book that sells, one that people will want to have. Today I am going to teach you on how to make an e-book, from the concept to the layout, the e-book cover and most especially on how to upload it on your website/blog.

What will be discussed in this article?

These are the main topics that we will be discussing on how to make your very own e-book.

  • The software program you are going to use to write
  • The most convenient file type for an e-book
  • How to convert your e-book to PDF
  • Finding free images and editing them for your own use
  • Brainstorming about the concept, title and content of your e-book
  • How to make your own e-book cover
  • How to promote your e-book


Steps on Making Your E-book

  1. Know your target market so you understand what your e-book will be about. Research about them and your title and concept will revolve around your target market.
  2. Once you know your target market, think of a killer title and concept.
  3. Personalize your e-book. As much as this e-book is about your target market, it’s about you too because you will be the author.
  4. Write your e-book using Open Office. It is for me the best software to use because first it’s free and second, you can easily convert your e-book to a .pdf after. The latest Microsoft Word has these features as well but if you don’t have it, you don’t have to spend your bucks on software you are going to use just for e-book purposes.
  5. Use paragraphs and bullets often. People get tired of reading lumps of sentences and some just want to scan the main points.
  6. Find royalty free images online and edit them to your liking. Or, you can ask a photographer to take pictures if you have anything specific in mind.
  7. Use simple fonts and colors. Some of the simplest fonts are Arial and Verdana. In highlighting, don’t use anything too bright.
  8. Get someone to proofread your e-book. Don’t ask anyone close to you and they might hesitate giving you bad feedback. Ask a professional to proofread and see if your e-book is worth downloading.

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How to Create Your Own Online Buying Guides


Making a decision in purchasing something is crucial. A lot of different factors would have to be considered. Either it is as simple as purchasing a packaging set or baskets, you will always need to have elements you should consider so as to make your purchase well-thought out and planned, helping you avoid any form of regrets.
Buying guides are abundant online. These are product information, blogs and reviews websites which will tell you what you need to know about some products so that you can make up your mind about what to purchase. And as a writer, your job is to be able to write a buying guide which can help people make a decision in their purchases and not just persuade them to do so.

Simple Tips to Follow when Writing a Buying Guide

In providing a solution, there will always be a problem or a question first. This is the same with creating your own buying guide. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, what should you include in the buying guide which will help them in their shopping needs? There are specific elements that must be in your buying guide.

  • Write the basic information about the product and highlight its unique feature.
  • Include all the problems that the product can provide solutions to.
  • Make sure to include at least a price range for the products so that customers will readily have the information when they are considering their budget. For example, you forgot to place a price range for a packaging set featured in your buying guide, the probable end for this is that most will just skip the product since they don’t know what the price is anyway.
  • If there are other uses of the products, list them down.

Since people will be looking at your guide because they don’t want to spend so much time researching about the products, it is your job to readily provide them with enough information which can lead to their decision. But make sure not to crowd your guide with too much information. This too will result to customers ignoring the products if they feel that there is just too much text to read. One excellent example of a buying guide is from a packaging set company. You can use this to pattern your own guide.

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The Best Practices In Visual Organization Of User Interface


It is the creativity of the web designer that makes an outstanding user interface. The various components of user interface that includes composition, color and size are reflections of the creative side of the web designer’s personality. It is important to pay particular attention to all these components in order to gain the attention of the targeted audience. Remember that it only takes a few seconds for a user to make an impression of a site.

The key considerations in visual organization

  • Visibility of the system’s status – users must understand immediately what is happening behind the scenes and whether their actions will generate the right results. In order to achieve a higher level of sophistication for system visibility, web designers at SEO Los Angeles often make use of AJAX that allows users to update a portion of a web wage without refreshing the whole page. Through AJAX, the level of responsiveness and interactivity of the web apps are brought to the level of the desktop applications.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in web applications – in order to gain responsiveness and interactivity to user interfaces, one of the techniques used by SEO Los Angeles is the integration of keyboard shortcuts or navigation so that the workflow of users can be improved and make it easier for their tasks to get done.
  • Upgrade options from the account page – for example, the application features include several subscriptions, the web designers must ensure that there is no interface friction if the users want to upgrade. It is typical for a user to try the basic version of apps to get the feel of how it works and it they are convinced that the apps will work according to their expectation, it is the only time that they will upgrade to a more advanced plan. It is one of the responsibilities of the web designer to ensure that the transition is done as smooth as possible.

If the web designer pays attention to the best practices of user interface, it will enhance the acceptance of the website and applications. Visual design also allows an extraordinary user interface that combines both aesthetics and the principles of business.

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How To Conquer Your Fears On Your First Blog


The advent of the internet has allowed Real housewives in Orange County a steady source of income. There are stay-at-home housewives who have certain specializations in niche areas like baking, cooking, handmade crafts and gardening and their products are offered online to gain a substantial income. Another option for Real housewives in Orange County is blogging which even the most inexperienced can learn in a few days.

How to conquer your fears over your first blog post

The first blog is never easy; believe me because I have been through that experience. There is a lot of pressure while writing the first blog because you want it to be read and appreciated. However, have no fear since 77% of internet users read blogs with 46% of people reading blogs more than once a day. Here are some helpful tricks to overcome your fears:

1. Focus on your target audience – for your first blog you can write all about the Real Housewives of Orange County. What information will these housewives be interested to know? Search the internet for blogs that has been “most read” and “most commented” on to get an idea on how you will proceed with your first blog post.

2. Think about an interesting topic – write about what you know best. If you are quite good with baking, you can provide your audience with tips on how to bake the most delicious chocolate cake. If cooking is the niche where you excel, write about process of cooking pot roast. I bet you that you won’t be lacking for any readers to your blog posts.

3. Start the writing process – make sure there is a dedicated space in your home where you won’t be distracted. Start with something you know like Microsoft Word which ensures that you won’t accidentally post a blog that is not completely ready for publication. Give due attention to the title; make it catchy and exciting because it is the first thing that people will see in your blog.

Don’t be afraid of errors; after all you can edit what you have written when you proofread your blog. By edit, it means checking for grammatical errors, wrong spellings and removing whatever useless stuff has cluttered the blog.

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How To Earn Money Through Blogging

make money blogging

Are you one of those people who think that blogging will allow you earnings to sustain your lifestyle? If you are thinking of quitting your day job because you find it extremely stressful and not worth your efforts, you can try writing online but let us be practical here. Not all bloggers are successful enough to make good money. Checkout the following statistics on how much money a blogger earns.

  • A report from Glassdoor reveals that between $19K to $79K can be earned by a blogger
  • 14% of bloggers get to earn a salary of $24K a year or $33K for corporate bloggers
  • Freelance bloggers often earn between $10 to $100 for a post
  • 17% of bloggers were able to sustain their lifestyles and support a family while 81% cannot even make $100 from their blogs

How much you can make from your blogs depends on the quality and uniqueness of your blogs and how effective it is in building traffic for a site. For example if you are creating blogs about ‘My Little Pony Pajamas‘, how well did your blog generate traffic for the site and how many conversions did the site make? In many cases, it is not always your content that will make you money but how you use content for affiliate marketing to get a percentage of earnings from the clicks generated on My Little Pony Clothes. Blogging is also an investment meaning you have to exert a lot of time and efforts at research, typing and editing before you make real money.

Blogging success does not come easy

Don’t let this discourage you from writing but this is the reality of blogging. It can take you months or even years to generate significant income. Blogging won’t make you rich but it will allow you to write about things or events that you are passionate about. The goal of many bloggers is not always about money but being able to share their ideas through blog posts. Blogs provide an outlet for creativity and to write about things that matter. If the blog turns out to be a source of revenue, you can finally do it full time.

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