How To Conquer Your Fears On Your First Blog


The advent of the internet has allowed Real housewives in Orange County a steady source of income. There are stay-at-home housewives who have certain specializations in niche areas like baking, cooking, handmade crafts and gardening and their products are offered online to gain a substantial income. Another option for Real housewives in Orange County is blogging which even the most inexperienced can learn in a few days.

How to conquer your fears over your first blog post

The first blog is never easy; believe me because I have been through that experience. There is a lot of pressure while writing the first blog because you want it to be read and appreciated. However, have no fear since 77% of internet users read blogs with 46% of people reading blogs more than once a day. Here are some helpful tricks to overcome your fears:

1. Focus on your target audience – for your first blog you can write all about the Real Housewives of Orange County. What information will these housewives be interested to know? Search the internet for blogs that has been “most read” and “most commented” on to get an idea on how you will proceed with your first blog post.

2. Think about an interesting topic – write about what you know best. If you are quite good with baking, you can provide your audience with tips on how to bake the most delicious chocolate cake. If cooking is the niche where you excel, write about process of cooking pot roast. I bet you that you won’t be lacking for any readers to your blog posts.

3. Start the writing process – make sure there is a dedicated space in your home where you won’t be distracted. Start with something you know like Microsoft Word which ensures that you won’t accidentally post a blog that is not completely ready for publication. Give due attention to the title; make it catchy and exciting because it is the first thing that people will see in your blog.

Don’t be afraid of errors; after all you can edit what you have written when you proofread your blog. By edit, it means checking for grammatical errors, wrong spellings and removing whatever useless stuff has cluttered the blog.

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How To Earn Money Through Blogging

make money blogging

Are you one of those people who think that blogging will allow you earnings to sustain your lifestyle? If you are thinking of quitting your day job because you find it extremely stressful and not worth your efforts, you can try writing online but let us be practical here. Not all bloggers are successful enough to make good money. Checkout the following statistics on how much money a blogger earns.

  • A report from Glassdoor reveals that between $19K to $79K can be earned by a blogger
  • 14% of bloggers get to earn a salary of $24K a year or $33K for corporate bloggers
  • Freelance bloggers often earn between $10 to $100 for a post
  • 17% of bloggers were able to sustain their lifestyles and support a family while 81% cannot even make $100 from their blogs

How much you can make from your blogs depends on the quality and uniqueness of your blogs and how effective it is in building traffic for a site. For example if you are creating blogs about ‘My Little Pony Pajamas‘, how well did your blog generate traffic for the site and how many conversions did the site make? In many cases, it is not always your content that will make you money but how you use content for affiliate marketing to get a percentage of earnings from the clicks generated on My Little Pony Clothes. Blogging is also an investment meaning you have to exert a lot of time and efforts at research, typing and editing before you make real money.

Blogging success does not come easy

Don’t let this discourage you from writing but this is the reality of blogging. It can take you months or even years to generate significant income. Blogging won’t make you rich but it will allow you to write about things or events that you are passionate about. The goal of many bloggers is not always about money but being able to share their ideas through blog posts. Blogs provide an outlet for creativity and to write about things that matter. If the blog turns out to be a source of revenue, you can finally do it full time.

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Improving Your Blogging Speed

speed typing

Can you make money from blogging? Yes, you certainly can but don’t quit your job just yet until you start making real money from blogging. You have to be realistic because there are literally tens of thousands of blogs that are posted everyday and it would not make sense to hang all your hopes on blogging until you have honed your writing abilities and gained loyal followers.

Your writing skills are your assets to earn money through blogging. Keep in mind that when you write blogs, you must do so with quality to pave the way for your online success. After you have become adept to writing quality content, start improving your speed so that you can produce more blogs for your followers. You can find below several tips on how to write blogs in the shortest time possible.

  1. Make sure that you set aside a portion of the day where you feel the most inspired and energetic to write. It certainly does not matter if you write at dawn or early evening as long as you can focus on your blogs without being interrupted every now and then. If you have not decided on the right time, try writing at different hours of the day until you find what is most effective for you.
  2. Always write down your thoughts. Some ideas may inspire while walking to the grocery. Stop for a while and write down the idea before you forget it. Once you get home, explore on the idea and make sure you write it all down.
  3. Research is always an important part of the writing process but make sure you do not copy paste whatever you have researched into your blog. There are many instances where you can find some interesting items on the web that are somehow relevant to the idea you have in mind.
  4. Eliminate any potential distractions by creating your own writing space. If you have children, teach them to respect your space and the time allotted for writing blogs. Turn off your cell phone for a while to limit distractions and start writing.
  5. Blogging is not easy for first timers but do not get discouraged since soon enough you will notice your improvements. Keep trying but don’t quit your job yet.



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Top 3 Reasons For Using HCG Supplement

There are several reasons why people lose weight and reduce their fats. No matter what your reasons may be, getting rid of extra fats through HCG Supplement will give you nothing but benefits to several aspects of your well-being. You can find a lot of suppliers online for HCG drops but choose one that understands your slimming aspirations and one that offers 100% natural and reliable product. If you are having second thoughts about the product, take a look at the following benefits that it can offer to you as a dieter.

Better health

People who are overweight are vulnerable to sickness and other life threatening diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, back pains, bone diseases, high blood pressure, cancer and hypertension. To avoid acquiring and developing these diseases, have a healthy lifestyle, get plenty of rest and engage in light yet effective exercises. However, not everyone can do regular exercises due to various reasons. This is where HCG Supplement comes in. even without rigorous exercise and heavy diet, you can still get your dream body and ideal weight with HCG drops.  Hormone supplements burn fats and transform them to energy. This way, you can eliminate extra fats even with less exercise.

Save money while slimming

Because your appetite drops down, your food expenses also lower. Instead of spending money on food, you can buy spend them on clothes especially that you would need a new wardrobe because you have thinned down.  Instead of buying greasy, junk food such as those found on burger chains, go for organic and healthier food. Since you are able to cut down your food expenses, be prepared to be surprised at the amount you saved.

Better private life

One of the popular benefits of HCG supplement aside from a healthier body is improved and better sex life. Since you are in better shape, your stamina is stronger thereby promoting better sex life you’re your partner. When you have a fitter body, your morale is also boosted. You also become more confident and your self-worth increases.

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