How To Increase Traffic To Your Site Through Blogs


Customers always begin their search through Google and it is very important to show up in the top three search terms to gain the opportunity to make a sale. One of the most cost effective and useful ways to increase traffic is to create content that potential customers will notice, share or comment on. While it takes consistency and commitment to regularly create blogs, it definitely works to your favor. For example, the term “ugly christmas sweater” has come up with tons of results on blogs on the net, this holiday season, to make it a resounding success. The frequency of the blogs has certainly impacted on its target audience because it gave them the necessary info about the product.

How to increase traffic to a site through blogs

  • Always update your blog with new content to give your potential customers something to look forward to each time they visit your site. Make sure that you always have something meaningful and interesting to share so that visitors will continue to access your site.
  • Submit your blog’s URLs to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo or Digg. While it will not necessarily put your site on the first page of Google search results, there is always that chance that your blog will be indexed to provide results for search queries.
  • Make sure to update your blogroll. A blogroll is the list of links that is usually found in a blog’s sidebar. If you add links to your blogroll, the owners of the blogs will likely reciprocate and add your link to their blogroll particularly if your content is unique and interesting.
  • Always leave meaningful comments that people can click on to read more of your blog. Comments have the power to increase traffic to your site but make sure to respond to reader’s comments to show them that you value their opinions.
  • Don’t forget SEO but do not overload your blogs with keywords otherwise Google might consider it as spam. Instead of the results you expect, your blog might be removed from the search list.
  • There are millions of blogs on the web but a unique and fresh blog can easily gain attention. Help your target audience find your blogs by including images that are optimized for search engines.

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