How You Can Make Your Own Gift Wrap



Gift wrappers are often undervalued by most people and only a few actually know what they’re really worth, such as the people who provide great quality paper. But gift wrappers aren’t just a piece of paper. Whenever there is an occasion that would involve gifts and presents, gift wrappers make the presents a lot more special. They add beauty, elegance, wonder and even mystery to the gift. Not only that, a gift’s value can increase significantly coupled with the right gift wrap.

But the most important role that gift wrappers such as those from Paper Mart play in the world of gift giving is their role as a ‘house’ for the presents. They are tasked with sheltering and protecting the gift and coupled with a box, they can do more than just that.

But what happens when uncommon situations that need gift wrappers occur and you don’t have the time to drop by a store? Where would you find such decorative material? The answer is your home.

You actually need not go far because the simple things at home can easily be made into gift wrappers.


Even the simplest of paper can be made into gift wrappers. Look around the house especially your tables and drawers and when you find a simple white paper, know that you can use it to wrap a gift. You need only design it with some colorful materials such as glitters or some stickers.


When you receive gifts, try not destroying the wrapper so that you can reuse them again. But when you do, make sure to iron the used gift wrapper under low heat to remove wrinkles and make it more presentable. You can also add a few decorative materials if you like.


Even an old fabric can be used as a gift wrapper. You can use handkerchiefs or you can decorate an old piece of cloth with colorful glitters and ribbons. This is best used for small simple presents such as candies.


Remember that brown paper you brought home the last time you went for groceries? Well, you can effectively use them again as a gift wrapper. You can design the paper with some colorful pens, glitter and glue in some ribbons.

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