How To Use Your Psyche In Creating Great Content



Writing is no doubt a mental task. Both hemispheres of the brain must jive in order to create a great content. Reading, processing information, developing ideas, researching, planning and reviewing are just some of the tasks your brain does once you decide to start writing. With all the multi-tasking it does, the brain needs the most ideal environment possible to keep words flowing easily. Here are 5 psychologically supported things to get make you write a better blog, easier.


  1. Eliminate noise, but not completely


The creative part of the brain needs a precise level of background sound for it to work its best. Loud sounds distract your brain to produce new ideas. Too quiet is not healthy for creativity either. We need some sweet noise to get our thoughts flowing. Having no noise at all leads us to be sidetracked by our own brainwaves. The best ambient sound for ingenuity is at 70 decibels, sound which is there but doesn’t bother you.


  1. Write at the right time


We are all inclined in a natural timing of our body called circadian rhythm. Some of us are early birds while the rest are night owls. However bloggers will have to start writing in the morning regardless of your inclination. According to studies, it is the ideal time for creativity. Determination is at its peak in the morning and creative neurons fire up more right after waking up.

Editing on the other hand is ideally done in the evening. This is when the analytical part of our brain works its best.


  1. Have some rituals


Rituals are vital because they act as brain signals that an action is about to happen and it needs to condition for it. It links the procedures of the ritual and the willpower to start and get things done.

Consistency is vital in the blogosphere. Good steps must be done over and over. Your job is to make a blogging ritual and do it day in and day out.


  1. Remove distractions


Destruction is the biggest culprit in getting things done. Eliminate every distraction possible. Put your phone out of your sight. A great blog post requires undivided attention. Multi- tasking is an illusion and there is no such thing. Our brain can only do one thing at a time.


Writing a great content is the first step towards profiting from your blog. You can earn from your blog part-time or you can turn it into a full time endeavor. It can even give you enough profit for a HomeUnion Investment. Follow these steps, learn hard and work hard on your blog and the profit will follow.

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