How To Repair Your Boiler Without Professional Help

There are many causes of boiler problem and it is always recommended to call a professional to help you troubleshoot and repair but there are instances wherein the boiler actually needs a simple DIY solution. You might want to put on your work coveralls before trying these guide in fixing a boiler’s common problem.

  • Re-pressurizing the boiler. It is common for the boiler to be equipped with a water pressure indicator. Check the indicator’s level and if it is less than one then the pressure of the boiler might need a little bump. The next thing you have to do is located the filling loop which is normally located at the bottom of the boiler. Turn the boiler off and check that the hose ends are connected to the valves. Opening the valve will allow water inside the system. Monitor the rise of the pressure indicator and close the valve once it reaches 1.5. You can now try turning on your boiler unit.
  • Resetting the boiler. Take out the manual of your boiler and read about the location of the reset button. Press for 10 seconds and give it a few minutes. If the boiler fails to start up, reset one more time.
  • Bleeding the radiators. While the heater is on, inspect the radiators and determine which one is not warm. The central heating should be turned off to let the radiators cool. A radiator key can then be used to connect to the valve. Use a cloth and rotate the key reverse clockwise. You know that gas is being bled if there is a hissing sound. After letting all the gas out, close the valve.
  • Changing the batteries of the thermostat. Wall mounted thermostat housing should be taken off so that the battery can be removed at the back. Replace the old batteries with new ones – majority of thermostats will require either two pieces of AA or AAA. Put the thermostat housing back to its place. You might be seeing the low battery signal for a few days in the monitor before it is completely eliminated.

Make sure to try these out and if you can’t pinpoint the causes of boiler problem then it is time to call a professional company to help you fix your boiler.

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