How To Prepare Before Getting Eye Laser Surgery: Before, During And After


If you are getting a laser eye surgery in Liverpool then it is best to know what preparations to make and what to expect before, during and after the operation.

– If you are using contact lenses then it is best to stop them now and use spectacles instead for a few weeks before the scheduled operation.

– Refrain from applying any eye make-up or other cosmetics one day before and the same day of the operation.

– Schedule someone to take you home after. If you are driving then you will not be able to after the operation. It is best to take someone with you or have someone pick you up.

– Be aware of the cost. When getting LASIK eye treatment, be sure that you know how much you are paying and if it is included in your insurance because this is an elective operation and most likely will not be covered.

Before the laser eye surgery, the surgeon should inform the patient regarding the risks as well as the benefits of the LASIK operation. The surgeon should also be aware of the patient’s expectation and should be informed of what will take place before and after the treatment is over. All questions should also be answered.
Before the surgery, there will be an eye examination to determine the condition of the eye as well as get to know more about the medical history of the patient.

During the surgery, all you have to do is lie back and relax. A medicine might be given to help the patient relax for the 30-minute operation. Once the numbing drops that effect, the treatment will start. If you are getting the LASIK treatment on both eyes then the surgeon will most likely perform both operations simultaneously.

One the surgery is over, there might be after effects such as burning sensation, watery and itchy eye. A blurry vision is also normal. All in all, the pain will be tolerable and your vision will return as soon as possible. The doctor will be prescribing an eyedrops which will help ease the discomfort that you might be feeling hours after the procedure is done. An eye shield is also necessary to be used before going to sleep at night.

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