How To Plan A Backpacking Trip To South America

There’s a lot to look forward to when visiting South America – the tropical beaches found in the Caribbean, the archipelago located in Tierra del Fuego and many more. One will surely have an adventure of a lifetime while seeing legendary cities, historical ruins as well as beautiful landscapes. Here are some tips when planning a backpacking trip to South America.

  • It is important to learn the language. If you are planning to practice your Spanish skills, South America is the best place to do it. There are a number of places that speaks Spanish such as Quito in Ecuador, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Sucre in Bolivia and Cusco in Peru. These places are the most well-known Spanish speaking destinations. If you are to visit Brazil, many of the major cities are excellent in speaking Portuguese. For a lesson in indigenous languages, you can learn Guarani in Paraguay and Quecha in Bolivia.
  • Majority of the countries in South America are under poverty thus the cities are considered to be more dangerous compared to rural areas. The deserted mountains, on the other hand, may present a risk of meeting bandits. Barrios located in the big cities are not recommended places for tourists and wherever one might go, it is always important to be careful and vigilant.
  • Before travelling, research more about where you are going to stay. The prices of accommodations vary in every country you go to thus you must be aware of how much you should spend. For backpackers, hostels are the way to go because these are cheaper but try to get a better accommodation for the same price by researching.
  • Bus travel is a commodity in South America. Do not be surprised by the things you might encounter while riding the bus such as farm animals and produce.
  • Consider the climate and weather before planning your trip. There are tropical and subtropical climates but there are also countries in the south that are freezing especially in from April and October.

If you think backpacking is not for you, you may opt for a tour which can be easily arranged with a tour company such as

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