How To Pick Your Ride’s Tonneau Cover

Pickup truck owners who do not have an idea on how to choose a tonneau cover for their vehicle will find this article very useful. This will help them narrow down their choices in the market since there are too many available depending on the type, style and the manufacturer of the cover. A number of major factors should be considered when purchasing tonneau covers such as the following:

  • Determine your priority and why you need to have a tonneau cover in the first place.
  • Think about the style your need and want but the most common one includes rolling, folding and retractable.
  • Consider your budget because the price of the tonneau cover can range from $250 up to $1,500.

Your need will come first and foremost. Therefore if you are looking to transform your truck into a show-room, you can opt for a cover that is made of hard material and can be painted over for a sleeker look. If your priority is functionality, there are covers that can be folded (both soft and hard), rolled and retracted depending on your preference.

If your truck has a bed caps or tailgate caps, you should choose carefully because not all covers will fit. Ensure the compatibility of your chosen tonneau cover. For trucks with toolboxes, there are covers that are compatible but the issue might come if the mount location is inaccessible due to the toolbox being located at the top of thebed rails. Another compatibility issue that you should consider is the track system. Ask the seller before paying for thetonneau cover to save you from headache.

Folding tonneau is one of the most widely used tonneau cover style. The typical setup comes in three folds but there are those with different numbers of panels. This will make it possible for you to open only a fraction of the cover without having to expose everything inside.

There are affordable options for tonneau covers that do not compromise the quality of the material. The pricier ones are usually those that come with extra features and high level of workmanship.

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