How To Pick Out Marquee For Your Outdoor Party

Once you decide to have a garden party, you will need to find a marquee hire in Sydney in order to ensure that the party will continue regardless of the changes in the weather. An air conditioning system can be installed during summer days while heaters are used when the temperature is colder. For some, they hire marquee for particular reasons such as an area where guests can sit down and eat, a shade to cover the bar or it could be a backup if the weather is unpredictable. When booking a marquee for rent, there are a number of things you should consider:

  • Size. The purpose of the marquee will determine the size it needs to be while the number of guests coming to the party is the second deciding factor.If you are expecting 20 guests and want them to sit comfortably under the marquee then the recommended size is 4 meters by 6 meters. For bigger parties with 100 guests sitting comfortably, the suitable marquee size is 6 meters by 20 meters.
  • Material. Rented marquees come in different materials and the costs differ as well. The widely used materials used in making marquee are PVC, polyethylene and a combination of both.Polyethylene is cheaper and the material is lightweight while PVC is more durable, quite expensive but will surely add a more luxurious look to the party.
  • Location. If the marquee is to be used to cover the bar, it can be installed anywhere in the garden but for larger marquees which is going to use electricity for either AC or heater, it is best to position it close to a power supply. If that is not possible, an electric generator is necessary.
  • Surface. When installing the marquee, a grassy and flat surface is easier to work around. If the surface of the outdoor venue is not grass, ask the company for marquee hire in Sydney whether they will do the installation and bring all the tools and equipment needed. Installation should be done by professionals to make sure it can withstand strong wind and rain.

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