How To Organize A Successful Corporate Team Building

According to research, it is worth to have a corporate team building because of the positive effects it has on the participants.If the company wants to have employees that display teamwork and improve their productivity, investing time and money for a team building is beneficial. The key to a successful event is to be creative. In a research conducted by Citrix, 31 per cent of office employees are not in favour of these activities. This is why the team building activities should not only be something they can learn from but it should also be enjoyable. Here is a guide on how to achieve this.

  • Activity should be done during regular work schedule. Employees will not be too happy to hear that their usual day offs or time away from the office have to be dedicated in an activity that is office-related. This is why it is best to organize the team building during their working hours. It can be as short as two hours and can be done during lunch breaks or over breakfast.
  • Volunteer work is another option. Ask your tem if they have any ideas on how to conduct community works or volunteer in local charities as a group. This will motivate the employees as helping others can make people feel good. It could be as simple as planning and preparing to serve a meal for shelters or orphanages.
  • Collaboration should be the main focus of the team building activities rather than creating competition among teams. Think about activities that will make them work as a group rather than focus all their energy in winning.
  • The activities should be something everyone can relate to. Do not decide on a sport that only a handful of employees can play or activities that require too much physical effort that only the men can accomplish them. Activities should be varied to make sure each and everyone can participate.
  • The best thing about corporate team building is that employees can escape the office setting for a few hours. It does not have to at the company boardroom all the time but an offsite location would give them a breath of fresh air.

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