How to Offer WordPress Discounts

There are different ways to attract customers. One way to do it is to offer your prospects things that they can’t say “no” to and to offer them something that they need such as WordPress discounts. And truly, who doesn’t want lesser costs on their operations so a discount would always be a welcome offer and an effective marketing strategy. If you want to increase your business’s or product’s popularity, here are some things that you can do:

Give out coupon codes

In exchange of the coupon code, your prospects would generally give out their email address. With this, you turn your prospects into leads that you can send promo or marketing campaigns in the future. There are different ways to get the email address of your targets, you can offer them free trials or promo codes and WordPress discounts. Regardless if they sign up or not, you still have their email adds that you can use to connect with them in your future campaigns.

Send emails or newsletters to prospects

When you have your prospect’s email addresses, send them promo codes to encourage them to start with your service. If they need your product, the discount or promo code will surely attract them to take the opportunity to save and sign up to your service.

Offer free trials

Another way to bring your product closer to your target customers is by offering free trial on the services that you offer. Before the free trial ends, send promo codes or discount coupons thru emails to encourage those who signed up for free trial to sign up for the service at discount price. if they enjoyed your service, there is no reason why they will not continue with the service especially if it is important to their online business.

Limit code validity

To give your prospects that sense of urgency, make your WordPress discounts time sensitive or with limited validity. This way, they will have the tendency to sign up right away knowing that the promo code will not be available for long and it will expire soon.

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