How To Mount Photographs On Canvas

Canvas prints are one of the best options if you are looking for more decors for your home – it is easy to make and you can use personal photos that means a lot to you. For mounting photos on canvas, you have first to gather all the supplies you need. Some you may have already at home while some you may have to buy at your local craft stores.

The materials for mounting photos on canvas are the following:

  • Photo or images that you desire to use for the project. This can be printed on regular type of photo paper.
  • Blank canvas the same size as the photo or image you want to use. If the canvas panel you have is smaller, you can reduce the print size by cutting or if the canvas panel is larger, you can secure the edges of the photos to the panel’s sides.
  • Decoupage glue/gel medium
  • Acrylic paint
  • Foam brushes/rollers

Before starting, you can choose to paint the panel of the canvas because there will be a small part that will be exposed on the sides. Most canvases are made of wood and these can be painted or not, depending on your preference. Choose the color you desire and use acrylic paint together with the foam brush when painting.

Use your gel medium to coat the entire surface of the canvas. Work must be done quickly to prevent the medium from drying but make sure everything is evenly covered. Get your photo or image and put it on top of the canvas. Make sure to do this while the gel medium is still wet. Work carefully to line up the edges with the sides of the panel. As long as the gel medium is wet, you can remove the photo if the placement is not right. If the photo is wider than the canvas panel, wrap the edges on the sides of the panel and secure with either a glue or staple.

Your canvas art print is almost done. All you have to do is press the image down to release any air bubbles. With your foam brush, cover the photo with the gel medium. The coating should be light and the image will reappear once the medium has tried but this time with an extra shine.

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