How To Make Your Place Soundproof

For people living in urban areas, it is common to encounter loud noises and noise pollution especially at night. It could be the sound of a honking vehicle or loud neighbors partying into the wee hours. These are the kind of people that does not give a care on other people’s bedtime routine. At the end of the day, noise pollution is undesirable. This is why sound proof glass was invented and this is not the only way you can soundproof your place. Here are some tips worth checking out.

  • If you want to soundproof your windows, the cheapest alternative is to buy acoustic curtains as a solution to the problem. These are specially made curtains that are made of MLV materials or also known as mass loaded vinyl. This material is the reason why the curtain can absorb noise better compared to regular ones. It is also a way to freshen up your room without spending a lot. Eclipse recently introduced their blackout curtain product that prevents light rays by a hundred percent while greatly decreasing the noise pollution.
  • The windows are incorporated with an insulator to add in the home insulation as well as to reduce the bill in energy. Aside from these, insulated glass units can also help in controlling noise pollution. Homeowners testified that between 60 and 75 per cent of the noise has been reduced after they chose to install insulated glass units inside their houses. Their home and surroundings are not peaceful more than ever.
  • If you think a small crank in the windows are negligible in contributing to noise, think again. Cracks and holes should be filled or undergo caulking. This will ensure that no air can enter or escape.
  • Your windows should be made of materials that do not allow noise penetration such as sound proof glass. Other options are windows made of bricks or stone because sound waves do not pass through easily compared to wood and vinyl. If you are planning to stay in your current home for a long time, it is also a good idea to invest in new window borders.

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