How To Install 12V LED Strip Lighting To Your Car?

LED lighting has been making some incredible noise over the past years. Due to its intense popularity, LED lighting system has evolved from replacing the conventional incandescent light bulb that most homes of the past used, to lighting up bookshelves and cabinets and now, LED lights can now be installed as an additional lighting mechanism inside and out of your car. Thanks to the influence of some of the console games like Need for Speed Underground 2 where you can install coloured LED strips under your chassis and inside your trunk, more and more car owners are now trying to experiment the best way light up their cars using LED because first and foremost, LED lights are proven to be capable of lasting longer periods of usage and, various research works have been conducted by experts in the lighting industry and they have been able to come up with one simple conclusion: using LED lights around your home will be very beneficial in terms of cutting your monthly electricity bill by a big percentage primarily because LED uses lesser amount of energy compared to the other conventional kinds of lighting. That’s why even environmentalists are now pushing those who want to install lights inside their cars to use a state-accepted 12V LED strip lighting because aside from the fact that it’s cheaper, it’s safer, too.


In case you are think about installing a 12V LED strip lighting for your car whether it’s a road sedan or a luxury car, you still have to be careful because installing LED lighting into your car means you need to make sure that the car’s electrical system will work smoothly even with the presence of the LED light. To help you to ensure a proper and safe instalment, below are the tips for installing LED for under your dashboard:

  • Collect all the needed materials such as the paint stick, the LED strips, wire, soldering iron, solder and, cable ties.
  • First thing you need to do is to get a paint stick and then, make the needed cuts and holes where you will mount the LED strips.
  • Using your soldering iron, make some leads on the LED strips so that you can connect them to a power source later on.
  • Stick the LED strips into the paint stick then carefully mount it under the dashboard.
  • Find a functioning power source to see if the LED lights will work. You can either crimp, solder or, you can use a socket from the stock lights.



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