How To Experience The Street Food Of Bangkok

While there are many restaurants in Sukhumvit Soi 8, Thailand is originally known all over the globe for its street food. Food lovers will be able to have the trip of their lifetime if they know the right place to go in order to experience the culinary wonder of the country. The first neighbourhood one should visit in their quest for trying street foods is Chinatown. Visiting Thailand will never be complete if you have never eaten at Chinatown, which is known locally as Yaowarat. This is where street foods are said to have originated and up to this day, it is the prime spot for food lovers visiting the country. The first street food to try is satay, which is meat on bamboo stick that is grilled. It comes with a peanut sauce and a mixture of chillies, shallots and cucumber.

The next spot food lovers should visit is the Old Town in Bangkok. It is locally known as Banglamphu because majority of the canals in the area used to be covered with lamphu trees. This is home to the oldest street food recipes in the country and some may only be found here. The vendors are already famous locally and have been operating for a number of decades. One of the staple street foods in Bangkok is the curry rice or khao gang. It is commonly served during breakfast and lunch. Curry rice is simply rice topped with a wide variety of curry depending on the diner’s choice along with stir-fries vegetables.

Another spot is the Skuhumvitarea which is now an upscale neighbourhood. One will be able to see expats all over the area, Starbucks shop along with restaurants in SukhumvitSoi 8 but this does not stop the local vendors from earning more. Since this area is known for its high foot traffic, there is an opportunity to earn more by serving street foods. From this area, you will be able to try out the best chicken noodle soup as well as the icon of the street foods in Thailand, the Hainanese chicken rice or khaomungai.

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