How To Enjoy Bangkok’s Most Luxurious Offerings

Looking for a guide to enjoy Bangkok and its best? Take a look at some of these tips to experience the best things that the city has to offer.


  1. Experience authentic Thai cuisine Bangkok style

Saneh Jaan is a one Michelin-star restaurant in the city that could offer you authentic Thai cuisine Bangkok style. The restaurant offers recipes inspired by the ancient royal kitchen with their own modern twists that makes anyone’s dining experience memorable. Using ingredients locally available in the country, the restaurant offers a variety of dishes and drinks, including Khao Moa Rang, a traditional Thai dessert made with taro, green young grain, and coconut cream,


  1. Visit 100 Tonson Gallery

Art reflects a country’s history and aesthetics, and 100 Tonson Gallery is just the right place for avid art collectors and casual admirers of the craft. It is home to many contemporary works of art from emerging artists within their locality. They also work in partnership with other art fairs abroad to broadcast contemporary Thai art to a broader audience.


  1. Learn cooking at Blue Elephant

For those who do not only want to taste, but also prepare their very own Thai cuisine, Blue Elephant offers private classes. The chefs at the restaurant teach students ten ancient recipes used in the royal kitchen, together with its secrets. Master Chef and founder Khun Noroor Somany teaches both amateur and professional cooks who want to learn the craft, including a certificate and a recipe book upon graduation.


  1. Unwind at the Opium Spa

After a busy day of touring the city, you might want to rest your tired body at the Opium Spa. Highlighted as one of the best luxury spas in the country, they offer five spacious suits with a variety of services to offer: massages, facials, and even multi-day wellness programmes. Yes, you can set up appointments with them so you can return over the course of a few days for completely relaxing your body and mind. If you only have a few hours, their three-hour long Muay Thai recovery package is highly recommended. From the name itself, you could probably guess what it entails: three hours of treatment to help muscle pain and tension, most especially for those who are physically active.

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