How To Create A Blog That Will Captivate The Target Audience

Websites that offer accommodations can maximize their traffic and generate direct bookings through blogs. Whether the accommodation offered is a luxury hotel room, bed & breakfast, serviced apartment or a guesthouse, you can encourage more direct bookings by sharing with people relevant information and helpful details on the offerings.

A blog can be a very powerful marketing and advertising mechanism for the property. However, before you proceed with blogging it is important to research the target audience.

  • What attracts the audience to a certain location like Bangkok? Is it because of tourism or is the travel connected to business?
  • What are interests of your target audience? Do they prefer luxurious hotel rooms where they can be pampered or do they prefer a Bangkok residence for a long term stay?
  • What activities is the audience involved with? Do they prefer to explore the city or would they rather enjoy the offerings of a hotel like spas, fitness gyms or indoor swimming pools?

After you gained information about the interests of your target audience, create a list of keywords. Location is very important as well the type of accommodation provided. For example, if you are blogging about Bangkok residence, Bangkok and residence must be used as keywords. What activities are offered? Are there facilities and conference rooms for the business traveller?

Now you are ready to create content. Content must be interesting and appealing to the target audience. The blog must not be too long because online readers can be impatient. Use high quality images but do not forget the right keywords. Always make sure the blog includes call to action, like book now. One of the tricks to gain online attention is to use a short but catchy title for the blog and don’t forget to include the main keyword.

If you are searching for serviced apartment where you want a comfortable and memorable experience, the best option is long stay Bangkok residence. It is conveniently located in heart of the city. BTS Sky Train is less than 10 minutes away from the residence. Families will enjoy great savings with discounts on food and drinks including spa treatments.

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