How To Blog To Gain Significant Traffic To Your Website

Wedding planners absolutely need a blog in their website to capture organic search traffic. There are couples who are planning for a wedding and yet they do not have sufficient time and energy to handle the details. Their best option is wedding planners and that means you need to be visible online so that couples can easily find your website.

Blogging tips for wedding planners

  1. Before you start with a blog, make sure to research for the right keywords that will be included in your post. Use tools like Wordtracker, SEMRush and Google AdWords Keyword Tool so that you can choose the most popular keywords for your blog. Make sure though to use “wedding planner” including your location as one of the keywords to make the search easier for the target audience.
  2. Do some homework and search for statistics regarding the local wedding market. These stats will support the prices that you will quote for the services. One of the most vital information that your target audience will search is the price for wedding planning. Your blog does not necessarily require that you post the actual price; just provide the audience with an idea on how much they should expect.
  3. Always add links to your blogs. Make friends with people you meet in the wedding industry particularly vendors of wedding products like flowers, décor, favours, cakes and many more. Ask them whether they can add links to your website. Reciprocate by adding their links to your blog. Keep in mind that internal links are just as important as external links. Link your keywords directly to the relevant pages in your website. If you have made previous posts, edit them and create internal links using one or more of the keywords as the anchor text.
  4. If you have a blog post that gained a great of traffic, freshen up the content and republish.

Weddings are significant events that require the expertise and skills of wedding planner in Sydney. It requires a lot of time and efforts to search for wedding suppliers online. Add to that the appointments and meetings and you will be over fatigued on your wedding day. Allow an expert wedding planner to handle all the work.

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