How A Bus From Bangkok To Koh Phangan Takes You There Safely?

So you’re here now in Bangkok and have had a chance to explore this crazy city. Your next step is to travel to KohPhangan where you get to see the lovely beaches. But the problem is how do you get there? Certainly, there is the bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan, but it’s uncertain if you’ll ever have a comfortable ride. Maybe you need to scout for ideas on how to get there and choose the best option, like those found below:

Train and Boat

If you’re travelling southeast from capital to Surat Thani, you can ride several trains that take you there. The travel can take around nine hours to complete the journey. Then you need to ride a coach from the station to the pier in Donsak. From there you can ride a boat that takes you approximately four hours depending on the weather. You can also ride the sleeper train that gets you to Surat Thani the next day. In the afternoon, you unexpectedly arrive at your destination, KohPhangan. Ensure that you bring along a jacket as it can get really cold while travelling.


You can take the bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan as the cheapest option. However, you may be uncomfortable with the travel especially that it takes you around 19 hours to reach here. If you’re on a budget, you can book in VIP buses which travel slowly to ensure your safety. But it also allows you to see the real beauty of Thailand as you travel down south.


Unfortunately, there isn’t much airlines travelling to KohSamui airport except for Bangkok Airways. It makes the Bangkok-Samui route very expensive to travel in Thailand. Flying to KohSamui by day will get you a plane ticket costing around 4000 baht. If you travel by night, you pay half the price. However, you need to book in advance as plane tickets sell out fast. Once you reach KohSamui, let a taxi driver take you to the next boat to KohPhangan.

The bus from Bangkok to KohPhangan may be the cheapest ride to get you there. However, if you want to get around the island, you need to hire or rent a scooter.

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