Guide On How To Clean Your House’s Tile Roof

Tile roofs are beautiful but they are subjected to dirt and grime caused by lichen, algae, mold, and various organic living things growing on them which eventually gives them a stained appearance. You don’t have to call a roof tiler in Sydney right away because there are ways you can make those tiles look new again. You can do the cleaning and save money instead of hiring a professional cleaner but there are safety precautions you must follow.

Choose shoes with non-slip soles and it must have good traction to avoid slipping while walking on the tile roof. Wear your old clothes to avoid damaging your new one, put on rubber gloves as well as protection for the eyes.  When walking, step on the sturdiest part of the roof which is the overlap between the tiles. Stay away from areas with the most dirt because it can be slippery. Work should be done on a dry location and the flattest part of the roof if possible. If you have someone you know who is willing to help you do the job, this is recommended.

Once you have covered all the safety measures, you can start treating your tiles. Start at the areas where you can work while stepping on the ladder. Start from one side and walk backwards in order to continue working while standing on the remaining dry section. You can start with a spray of water to eliminate all debris and dirt that is loosely attached to the tiles.

After the tiles have dried, you can start applying the chemical treatment. This will prevent plant life such as algae, moss and lichen from growing back. Use pressure water to do this. If you don’t have one, you can rent from hardware stores. Set it at the lowest psi before spraying the treatment on the tiles. Follow the instructions indicated on the treatment to ensure its effectiveness. Once it has soaked according to the suggested time, you can rinse it off. If you think that your roof has a lot of damage and needs replacing you can hire roof tiler in Sydney or if you have trouble taking out the stains you can ask for a professional cleaner to do the job.

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