Guide In Cleaning Laser Printers

Laser printers are often seen in offices and it is working nonstop in order to print thousands upon thousands of paper needed around the work area. It is commonly used in a variety of professional work areas from healthcare establishments to insurance firms. The laser printer is considered an essential investment by a company and just like any other equipment used daily. It must be maintained and given proper care in order to last a long time. There is a universal rule in cleaning and maintaining a laser printer but it is still best to use the manual of the machine as a guide or ask a professional regarding the specific cleaning requirements of the equipment as well as instructions if some parts have to be replaced.

Before performing any maintenance work on your printer, make sure that is unplugged at all times during the operation. Let it sit for about an hour before you start cleaning or perform any maintenance work especially in the fuser-roller part of the machine. In case the fuser is still hot after unplugging, touching it could cause accident by burning. Keep in mind that all laser printers are employing toner – these are tiny particles that may enter human lungs or skin while cleaning. If you are going to perform any maintenance involving the toner, make sure that there are no fans and air conditioning system turned on and all windows in the room must be opened. It is also important to wear a mask during cleaning and leave the room after cleaning to clear the air.

Interior cleaning can be done using a paintbrush with fine bristles and a toner vacuum to avoid touching any electrical parts inside. Make sure that the machine is off and the paper trays have been detached.

Toner cartridge should be cleaned only using toner cloth. Exterior cleaning is as easy as wiping down the outside of the printer with a clean and dry cloth or a microfiber duster. In case your printer at the office does not work for any reason, contact the manufacturer and use the services of Perth Printers in the meantime.

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