Guide In Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are one of the best options for home owners who wanted to change the vibe of a room without spending too much or performing big projects. Many homeowners turn to carpet when it comes to beautifying their rooms thus carpet cleaning in Perth listed down the steps on how the clean carpets thoroughly.

  • Before anything, testing if the carpet is colour fast or not is necessary. This will let you know the methods you should follow in carpet cleaning. Pick a small spot where you can perform the test, damp a cloth with the product you are intending to use and put it on top of the carpet spot you have chosen for one hour. After which, get a dry white cloth and blot the spot to see if there are stains or not. Do this for every product you are intending to use.
  • Before carpet cleaning, make sure everything else in the house that could be affected while cleaning is protected including furniture. Grab the vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean the carpet.
  • There is carpet cleaning systems which you can buy if you have pets or kids inside the house or if the carpet is light coloured as it needs to be cleaned more often. This way, you don’t have to spend a lot of money compared to hiring a professional every time. The disadvantage is that these carpet cleaning systems may not be as powerful as the ones used by professional cleaners.
  • You can use either wet or dry extraction method. You just have to be careful with wet extraction because the carpet might get too wet when steam cleaning. Dry extraction is more effective in cleaning but the downside is that the chemicals used as well as the machine itself are more expensive compared to wet extraction.
  • Check out with your local home store if they offer steam cleaners which you can rent because these are more powerful.
  • If you don’t have the right equipment or are not confident with cleaning carpets on your own, hire a carpet cleaning in Perth because these companies in professionals in the field.

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