Dec 28

How To Clean Storm Drains And Maintain Parking Lot Drains

How To Clean Storm Drains And Maintain Parking Lot Drains

  1. Determine the purpose of the cleaning and maintenance. This should always be the first step in storm drain cleaning parking lot drain maintenance. There are many reasons why people conduct these steps, but mostly they are categorized into three basic purposes: Emergency, Regular Maintenance and New Construction. Emergency purposes deals with the storm drain blockage that leads to overflow. Proper measures should be conducted as to prevent property damage. Regular maintenance on the other hand, deals with frequent cleaning and maintenance of storm drains and parking lot drains as to prevent future problems from taking place. New construction cleaning and maintenance is conducted to prevent any debris and sediment buildups on storm and parking lot drains that could have been left during construction. When you have determined the purpose, it is time to move on to step 2.
  2. Call local operators. This step should be prioritized because professional help is greatly needed for these kinds of task. Call operators will help you establish proper control devices that are subjected to the local standards presented by your municipality or locality.
  3. The cleaning procedure. Storm drains have covers that you need to remove first before any cleaning could be conducted. It is highly recommended that you use a vacuum to remove any debris while avoiding the over using of water because it can fill up the drains much faster.
  4. Always begin at the end of the water running upstream. This is to allow the decantation of the water flowing downstream.
  5. Determine the problems that might affect cleaning. There are many factors that can affect the cleaning and maintenance of the storm and parking lot drains. Remember to withhold any cleaning when there are obvious damages to the drain systems because it might cause more damage. Check to see any hazardous materials that can affect the cleaning and remember to discontinue the cleaning if water flow is tremendously heavy.
  6. Replace the cover. Always make sure to replace the covers of storm drains. Be sure that it properly fitted and in great condition.

For best results, it is better to hire a professional company that deals with these kinds of situations. Lots of companies offer drainage cleaning services. You need only look at the internet. Be sure to conduct a good research to avoid any losses when hiring a professional.

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