How To Choose The Right Floor For A Condo Unit

With Thailand fast becoming a property investment destination, there are many condominium buildings being started to attract foreign investors, tourists and retirees.

For every buyer, there are considerations being contemplated on. Even a condo unit’s floor number is an important aspect of this decision. Choosing which floor can be difficult. This is not something that is purely based from want, there are a set of benefits and disadvantages with every floor level. Even for some people, a condo floor is where their decision lies primarily.

Here are some factors to consider when picking the best condo floor.


When a breathtaking view is of utmost importance to you, a condo unit on a higher floor is the best thing to get. However, a great view also increases the price and value of a unit. This is especially true when the view is a gorgeous beach that showcases the best sunrises or sunsets.


In a lot of high rise condominiums, the units really get very expensive for those in the higher floors. So when money is an issue or when the price tag is too much for that great view, then a unit on a lower floor is a better and a practical option.


There are many people who can’t tolerate using the stairs or waiting for elevators. If an easy access is a great deal to you, this means that it is best to choose a unit from the first three to five floors. It is also best for the elderly and handicapped people to reside at lower floors.


The upper floors mean peace and quiet, and you won’t also be bothered by traffic noise. However, there may still be times that you’ll deal with noisy tenants.


When a condominium building has great security, it doesn’t matter which floor you are located.


Those in higher floors will have a difficult time getting out from the building in case of earthquakes, fires, bomb scares or other emergencies. Still, condominium buildings have evacuation and other safety measures in case an emergency occurs.


So whether you are looking for a condo for sale Pattaya overlooking the beach or a Bangkok unit with access to the city, there are numerous choices in the market. All you have to do is check then decide on the purchase, of course with considerations for the floor number.

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