How To Choose Between Plated Meals And Buffet

If you are planning a party or an event, you might be torn between buffet and a seat down dinner. What you prefer is not the only thing you should consider but the event’s setting as well as the attendees. To satisfy the guests with the served meal, presentation plays a major role. If you choose hastily without weighing things over, your event might be met with criticism at the end of the day.

If the event you are hosting is a formal one, then it is best to have served meal for every table. It is not good to see formally dressed attendees going around the buffet table getting their food. Unless it is a wedding where the reception is set to be informal, a buffet setting should be thought of twice before deciding. Another factor which you have to consider when choosing between plated meals and buffet is the size of the party. It is not practical to get a buffet setting if you have a lot of guests on your list. It is estimated that a buffet line with two sides serving at the same time can only accommodate 100 guests within 30 to 40 minutes. If you have more than 100 guests, then you will need to add another buffet line which can eat up the space inside the event.

If you want your guests to have uniform experience, serving plated meals is ideal. They only need to wait for the food to be served while making use of the time conversing with other guests on their table. They do not have to go around the room carrying plates and utensils while getting their food.

There are two special cases wherein a buffet should be chosen over plated meals. The first one is if the meal has more than two options for the entrée. This is usually done by the planner if they are not sure about the food preferences of their attendees. This setting is common in parties, pre-game functions as well as luncheons wherein time and consistency of service is not the utmost priority. Another situation wherein buffet should be used is when the event is a standing reception. If you want to try what a buffet setting feels like, go to a Bangkok Japanese lunch buffet.

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