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Jul 16

How To Blog To Gain Significant Traffic To Your Website

Wedding planners absolutely need a blog in their website to capture organic search traffic. There are couples who are planning for a wedding and yet they do not have sufficient time and energy to handle the details. Their best option is wedding planners and that means you need to be visible online so that couples …

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Jun 24

How To Create A Blog That Will Captivate The Target Audience

Websites that offer accommodations can maximize their traffic and generate direct bookings through blogs. Whether the accommodation offered is a luxury hotel room, bed & breakfast, serviced apartment or a guesthouse, you can encourage more direct bookings by sharing with people relevant information and helpful details on the offerings. A blog can be a very …

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Jun 23

How To Effectively Blog About Funeral Services

Most funeral homes have a website but they do not blog because they fear that online users will not bother to read blogs about a morbid topic. For many people, death and funerals are still taboo. However, funeral directors can benefit from blogs when done properly. Funeral directors can blog about the injustice they experience …

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May 11

Blogging Tips: How To Find An Elusive Topic That People Want To Read About

Blogging is one the valuable tools that businesses use to engage with their target audience. However, blogging for a business is not easy because unlike the personal blog that resembles a diary, a business blog has to provide relevant content that will influence people to be aware of the brand How to write a business …

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Apr 30

Blogging Tips From Other Bloggers

With the internet being as big as it is, businesses are popping up to take advantage of it. One of the businesses that rose in popularity on the shoulders of the internet is blogging. These days companies and individuals alike use blogs for whatever purpose they want to, whether for promotion, information sharing, or just …

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