Canvas Creations: Tips For Making Great Canvas Prints

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this day and age when everything can be put on the internet for the world to see at the press of a button, photographs are becoming more and more valued, with websites like Instagram, Tumblr and the like existing to share the many wonderful photos taken all over the world.

But occasionally, one feels the need to go above and beyond in their desire to appreciate a photograph. One might consider getting the option of getting canvas prints, so that the image could be hung in their home or their office and enjoyed. Whether it’s a special moment you want immortalized, a simple motivational image, or just something to bring atmosphere into a room, getting the picture turned into a canvas print might just be the thing.

But photography is complicated. Photographs are constructed with a myriad of variables; lighting, weather, positioning, focus, angle, blur, etc., which give it their unique beauty. So it goes without saying canvas printing can be just as complicated. Here are our tips for ensuring the best canvas prints.

• Pretty pictures. Picture quality is key, this cannot be stated enough, ever. People tend to forget that a canvas print’s quality directly correlates to the quality of the photo sample. If you’re planning to get canvas prints get the best images possible: sharp, detailed, and in the highest resolution you could possibly get them.

• Post-processing. This is when someone touches up the image after it’s taken. The changes vary, but what’s worth noting is that, when ordering canvas prints, remember that it is ultimately your photos. If it’s going to undergo post-processing, ensure that you can input on the process so that your vision for it gets followed. If possible, do it yourself.

• Proper Position. Canvas prints have specific styles and specific measurements. Make sure your photograph actually fits these measurements, aligning them for best results.

• Palette Picking. Certain prints alter the color of the photograph, so compensating by editing your photo so that the final result looks just right is important. Take into account the palette you want after. Sepia? Blue-tone? Greyscale?

• Photo Preview. Without exception, one should always check the product, if possible, before ordering. For canvas prints, check if the color is correct, if the image has been cropped unintentionally, etc.

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