Buy Flexible Conduits At The Best Price For Commercial And Industrial Use

The cables use conduits to protect them over the long run. These conduits are tubings that enclose and protects electrical wires used to supply power to residential and commercial places. Price For Flexible conduits come with the advantages of being easily bent and hence they are preferred over metal and plastic conduits.

Types of Flexible Conduits

If you are considering flexible conduit at your home or office, it’s better to know the different types to choose from:

  • Flexible metallic conduits: They are often used for commercial buildings. It provides ample flexibility and strength. The only disadvantage of it is not waterproof.
  • Liquid tight metal flexible conduits: These conduits are used as cable covers which require both flexibility and moisture proof. These are mainly used during exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Flexible metal tubings: These tubings are most polar among DIY’s because these can be easily handled and bent. They also can be effortless passed through walls. They, however, are not moisture resistant.
  • Liquid tight flexible non-metallic conduit: These are the most advanced conduits, they are moisture resistant as well as fire resistant.

Application of Flexible Conduits

Flexible conduits are mainly used to provide mechanical strength and more flexibility. They are used for various commercial and residential applications:

  • To insulate power cables
  • Bathroom fittings
  • High heat areas
  • For furnaces and ovens
  • For computer boxes
  • Connecting machines to controls

Engineering Information

For accurate, straight cuts the conduits are cut by an electric-flex cutting vice. It is a lightweight cast iron equipment that securely holds the flexible conduit while the slots guide a hacksaw, this gives the flexible conduit a clean cut. Proper cutting methods of flexible conduits are important to ensure that a sealed connection when they are fitted.


Knowing when to use flexible conduits is important to ensure safety and protection. There are many reputed manufactures providing innovative and quality conduits. They now are available in a wide array of sizes, types and colours. The manufacturers even cater to customised requirements with the highest level of efficiency with the implementation of cutting-edge technology.

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