Blogging Tips From Other Bloggers

With the internet being as big as it is, businesses are popping up to take advantage of it. One of the businesses that rose in popularity on the shoulders of the internet is blogging.

These days companies and individuals alike use blogs for whatever purpose they want to, whether for promotion, information sharing, or just self-expression. A blog can be anything, from a fashionista’s best friend, telling her how to find the right rose gold watch for ladies, to a professional’s lifesaver, telling them how to solve a problem or perform a task.

So how do you write a blog. Well, since a blog can be many things, and a person or company’s blog is unique to them, there’s really no specific way to succeed in blogging, and most advice are more ‘general guidelines’, than actual hard-coded steps. But one way to get good advice is to ask an expert.

Here then, are some blogging tips, straight from other successful bloggers themselves.

  • Adii Piernaar, PublicBeta founder says:
    • The first thing you have to do when blogging is please your first audience: You. He says that posting for one’s self is the most important thing. When the blogger writes for themselves, he says, they are more motivated to write and publish, which can make or break the blog. If you want to write an article about buying a rose gold watch for ladies, then do it. Someone will appreciate what you like, and that’s what’ll lead to views.
  • Darren Rowse, ProBlogger founder says:
    • Pay attention to the readers you have. He says that showing appreciation for the current readers of your blog is important even as you look for new readers to entice, since they can help your blog grow. He likens the blog to the newspaper: it’s information for the audience that’s about them.
  • Neil Patel, KISSmetrics founder says:
    • To remain consistent. Blogs can lose traffic faster than they can gain them if they’re not consistently update in a reasonable schedule. The more regular the blogging, the more growth your blog will experience; in other words, you’ll draw more blogging more than once a week compared to every other week.
  • Dave Kerpen, Likeable Local CEO and author says:
    • First impressions matter. And what’s the first impression for a blog article? The title. A catchy title can work wonders for your post, it tells audiences whether or not they like your article, among a list of very important other things.

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