The Best Practices In Visual Organization Of User Interface


It is the creativity of the web designer that makes an outstanding user interface. The various components of user interface that includes composition, color and size are reflections of the creative side of the web designer’s personality. It is important to pay particular attention to all these components in order to gain the attention of the targeted audience. Remember that it only takes a few seconds for a user to make an impression of a site.

The key considerations in visual organization

  • Visibility of the system’s status – users must understand immediately what is happening behind the scenes and whether their actions will generate the right results. In order to achieve a higher level of sophistication for system visibility, web designers at SEO Los Angeles often make use of AJAX that allows users to update a portion of a web wage without refreshing the whole page. Through AJAX, the level of responsiveness and interactivity of the web apps are brought to the level of the desktop applications.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in web applications – in order to gain responsiveness and interactivity to user interfaces, one of the techniques used by SEO Los Angeles is the integration of keyboard shortcuts or navigation so that the workflow of users can be improved and make it easier for their tasks to get done.
  • Upgrade options from the account page – for example, the application features include several subscriptions, the web designers must ensure that there is no interface friction if the users want to upgrade. It is typical for a user to try the basic version of apps to get the feel of how it works and it they are convinced that the apps will work according to their expectation, it is the only time that they will upgrade to a more advanced plan. It is one of the responsibilities of the web designer to ensure that the transition is done as smooth as possible.

If the web designer pays attention to the best practices of user interface, it will enhance the acceptance of the website and applications. Visual design also allows an extraordinary user interface that combines both aesthetics and the principles of business.

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