Basic Information On Georgia’s Stocked Bluegills

If you are into fishing and you find serenity and joy in having some catch in your pond, then perhaps you should consider having enough Georgia’s stocked bluegills. Having enough stock of bluegills is beneficial to the other fishes on the upper part of the food chain because they are the primary source of food among bigger fishes such as bass, trout, catfish, kingfishers and other types of river or pond inhabitants. To know more about the importance of bluegills in the pond’s ecosystem, here are some basic information that you need to know:

  • Bluegill is a type of freshwater fish that belongs to the sunfish species. Its measurement is around 6 inches with larger types reaching to 12 inches. Its typical average weight is less than a pound.
  • A bluegill’s body is dark green with dark vertical bars on its sides. The fish is oval in shape. Behind the bluegill’s eyes are dark ear flaps. A female bluegill’s belly is yellow while its male version’s belly is rusty red. The bluegill has a pair of dorsal fins and has small mouth.
  • Bluegill is a common prey to a number of water lives such as walleye, muskies, heron, snapping turtles, trout and even bigger bluegill so if you want a healthier fish population, make sure to have Georgia’s stocked bluegills for the fishes to feed on.
  • Bluegill is also used as bait and they are predominant in almost every pond in the United States.
  • Bluegills feed on zooplankton, small fishes, worms, microscopic animals and food scraps thrown by humans into the water such as crackers, bread and corn.
  • Bluegills are easy to catch but they will put up a fight when you start reeling them in.
  • In order to catch a bluegill for your Georgia’s stocked bluegills, use a fishing reel that you are comfortable using.
  • Although bluegills will bite at practically anything thrown at them, the usual baits for them are worms.
  • Since a bluegill’s mouth is small, use a very small hook to effectively catch one.
  • Lastly, enjoy fishing and may you catch big fishes with the bluegills.

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