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On Building A Blog Empire, Ronald Porterfield, together with his team of writers and bloggers, can tell you what you need to know about blogging and answer all your questions and doubts. What topics can you blog about? What blogs should you check out? How do you make the most out of the online market? These questions can be easily answered in Building A Blog Empire.

Ronald Porterfield

Ronald, Senior Blogger.

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What started out as an effort to ride along the rising popularity of the online market. Porterfield learned as much as he can in the business and ended up starting Building A Blog Empire to share the things he learned. Now a nationally acclaimed site for supporting newbie bloggers and online marketers, the reputation of Building A Blog Empire continues to increase as it provides latest tips and techniques used today by pro bloggers. This positive reputation was able to put the empire on top and get it featured on other reputable sites.

What’s New in the Blogging Community?

As experts in the field, the team provides up-to-date posts that give instructions to bloggers on newly formulated strategies and used in the blogging world today. With innovative tricks and practices made every second, Building A Blog Empire makes sure that you have the front seat to see these updates. Because of their natural curiosity and love for learning, Ronald Porterfield and his team make it a point to study every new topic in the blogging community. Besides that, they also point you towards other interesting blogs which will contribute to your learning.



Building A Blog Empire is well-connected to a lot of reputable blogs in the industry that also becomes their source of information. In keeping track of what’s in the Empire, you get to keep track on what’s in the Blogging community as a whole.

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