A Guide On How To Add Bathroom Splashback

These days, so many homeowners are putting together a glass splashback for their bathroom or kitchen on their own. Especially if they want a kitchen or bathroom splashback, preparation is so easy and simple. The options too are endless. To keep things simple, they need to focus more on adding splashbacks behind the stove or faucet to have a functional manufacture and design of the glass.

For Beginners

So let’s learn what it will be? A mosaic in the bathroom or stainless steel in the kitchen? A small ceramic tile in the bathroom or black colored glass bordered with stainless steel in the kitchen? Or it can be a small glazed earth tone in the bathroom or probably in the kitchen as well? When you design and build a kitchen or bathroom splashback, you must consider the purpose of the project which is to protect the wall behind the stove or sink. For beginners, it is advisable to stick to this area first. It’s a way to create a manageable glass design and have lesser chances of breaking or cracking in the adhesive process.

The Two Step Process

First Step – Be ready to clean the wall. If you are adding a colored glass splashback which is painted at the back, you don’t need to re-paint the wall before adding. However, if the glass is colored, you need to plaster and paint the wall with neutral color.

Next Step – Apply lots of silicone adhesive about every six inches just about the size of a golf ball. Stick the splashback to the wall and add silicone on the glass border.

Once the kitchen or bathroom splashback has been applied, let it dry for 24 hours or a day. The cleaning-up phase is so simply that you just need to wipe the wall and counters from residues. The splashback is really a major change in your kitchen or bathroom, and you can sense that it’s really simple to do. It does not only modernize the room but adds functionality too. If you want to know where to get the splashbacks, you need to go online for searches and options.

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